Yogic Exercises for Height Gain

Exercise / Monday, April 16th, 2018

Good height gives confidence and looks quite impressive. People are so much obsessed with their height that they spend a lot of money in buying height gaining products in a desire of getting good height.

Causes for less height growth are: lack of sufficient growing hormones in the body which is necessary for development of the bones, tissues, and cartilages.

Lack of rest and exercise, not taking balanced diet also lead to less height growth. Work load, wrong sleeping practice, and stress adversely effect height increase.

After the changes of puberty, height increase becomes minimal some yogic postures along with the good and balanced diet are beneficial for the development of the bone even after puberty. Practice the height increasing exercises regularly for controlling body weight and getting good height.

Some of the following yogic postures may be helpful in increasing height:

Bridge Pose

Take a comfortable position by lying down in the carpet towards back and keep your legs straight and hand on your sides.

Next, slowly move your right leg upward by keeping your eyes closed as much as you can. You can place your hands at your back for support, hold for few minutes and then get it down slowly in a normal position. Repeat this with the other leg.

Next, perform this leg-stretching exercise alternatively with both legs for 5-10 minutes then come in a normal sitting position.

Practice this exercise regularly for 5-10 minutes in the beginning then try to do for 20 minutes.

Benefits of this leg-stretching exercises are many-it improves blood circulation, keeps you energetic and mentally active, gives you physical strength, keeps the growing hormones thyroid and pituitary gland strong which help in height increase, and cures many diseases like indigestion, puffiness in the knees, and liver problems.

Note: Do not perform this exercise if you have pain in the back. It is suitable for any age group (children or adults) and is helpful in height increasing.

Tree pose

Stay in a standing position keeping your legs straight and connected. Move your hands upward as much as you can and hold your fingers such that they are looking towards the roof. Move your feet upward and stay in that position for some time and return to the normal position. Practice this exercise regularly for 10-15 minutes. This exercise keeps the body tone, tummy flat, and helps in height increasing.

Note: You can do this exercise in the morning after the daily fresh or in the evening after 3-4 hours of regular meal. Avoid snacking before or after the exercise.

Foot hand pose

Stand straight keeping your feet together, breathe in and move your hand upward and slowly move it down towards the knee muscles. Try to adjoin the forehead on your knees joints and hold for some time and return to the normal standing position slowly. Repeat this exercise for 5-10 minutes.

Note: Do not perform if you have a backache. This exercise is good for height increasing and provides flexibility to the body.

Good massage on hands and feet is also very effective in curing height increase problem and relaxes your tired nerves.

Diet plays an important role in increasing your height. Diet rich in calcium, iron content, protein, phosphorus content, and iodine helps in height increase. Always take a balanced diet because what you eat is reflected externally.

Eat iodine-rich food like fish, vegetables, as they make the bone structure and cartilages strong and stretched, which is good for height increase.

Include green vegetables, tomatoes, fruits, eggs, fish, peas, curd, cheese, milk; wheat products, meat, nuts which are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, vitamins, fibers, necessary minerals, and proteins in your diet which are helpful in height increase. Calcium is necessary for bone development and height increase so give your child and yourself a well-balanced diet.

Living stress free, and taking proper rest helps in obesity control and height increase. Above given exercises are very helpful in making the body flexible, toning the muscles, stimulates growth hormones production, relieves strains in the muscles, and helpful in height increasing. These exercises are simple and will not cause any harm.