What is a Yoga Exercise Ball?

Exercise / Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Simply put, a yoga ball is a large ball, molded from plastic and filled with air. The yoga ball, sometimes referred to as an exercise ball or a stability ball, was developed in 1963 by Auilino Cosani, an Italian toy maker. The yoga ball is also called the Swiss ball and was first used by physical therapists for physical therapy in patients with neurological problems.

By the 1990s, the yoga ball was being used by personal trainers, athletes and dancers. Coordination and balance are two types of workouts that can be performed on the yoga ball that are difficult to get on other types of fitness equipment. The ball can easily be combined with other types of equipment (weights and resistance bands) to make for a more diverse workout.

The yoga ball has also made the leap to in-home use. The exercise ball is a very versatile piece of exercise equipment. It can be used for aerobic exercises, muscle toning exercises and stretching exercises. The yoga ball is also portable and inexpensive. A deflated yoga ball and a small portable pump will fit easily into a suitcase.

The exercise ball can be used by virtually everyone. It makes an excellent workout device for a body builder and also for an expectant mother. Athletes can improve their balance and coordination, while a senior citizen can use the yoga ball to help them improve their circulation and to lessen their chances of falling.

Here are some of the reasons that should use a yoga ball as part of your workout routine:

  • The ball strengthens your body’s core by allowing you to workout the deeper abdominal muscles.
  • Your flexibility is greatly improved, due to the ease with which back stretches can be performed.
  • The ball requires greater strength and control to perform exercise, due to its unstable base.
  • Stomach exercises done on the ball require greater tension than stomach exercises done on the floor.
  • The yoga ball is one of the few exercise devices that will help you improve your posture and balance.
  • The yoga ball can be used to increase the difficulty level of the exercises you are doing as your muscle development improves.
  • There is an exercise for every muscle group that can be performed on the yoga ball.
  • Ball exercises will improve your cardiovascular system and burn fat with a low-impact exercise regimen.
  • The exercises performed on the ball can be modified to accommodate any age group or workout type.

The portability of the exercise ball makes it more convenient than other types of exercise equipment.The yoga ball is very versatile and can fit into any workout. It can also be used by people of all ages. Put on your favorite music or TV show and get started with a yoga ball workout today and within a month you should be seeing the results of your new, healthy lifestyle.