10 Reasons to Do More Yoga

Physical exercise / Monday, May 14th, 2018

Mentally, physically and spiritually, yoga can help you reduce all stress and ailments from many sources. This fitness practice that originated from ancient India has already reached worldwide practice. It has transcended from a religious practice into a healthy lifestyle that gives you complete wellness.

As for yoga, it helps detoxify your body, increase flexibility, increase further lubrication between joints, tendons and ligaments, massage all organs in your body and promote better circulation. And now, with the help of research, more and more benefits have been discovered to encourage you to do more yoga. Here are ten of them:

1. Relaxing the Mind (Psychological Benefits)

The more you do this health practice, the more you learn to clear your mind of all your worries and problems. You establish a calmer mind, center attention to self, relieve stress (both acute and chronic), increase your concentration and ultimately relax your whole mind.

2. Management of Pain

The brain’s pain center has a gate-controlling mechanism. Yoga helps in regulating it to reduce pain you experience even to the point of relief. It also increases secretion of natural pain killers of the body while breathing exercises reduce pain felt as it relieves tension and promotes muscle relaxation.

3. Reducing High Blood Pressure

The most recognized effect of this health program is reducing high blood pressure as it increases efficiency of circulation as a whole. The practice of combining yogic breathing, relaxation techniques and biofeedback ensures decreased blood pressure even without medications.

4. Reducing Respiratory Difficulties

One of the focuses of yoga is on breathing. Yogic breathing exercises include different patterns of breathing that help in solving severe shortness of breath without seeking medical attention.

5. Relief of Symptoms of Several Common and Life-Threatening Diseases

Ailments such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes and more have been proven to have slowed progression with its practice. It reduces symptoms while preventing complications.

6. Back Pain Prevention

Exercise and postures included in the fitness program act to increase both strength and flexibility of the bones in the back, therefore reducing back pain.

7. Asthma Recovery

Asthma results from obstruction of lower respiratory airways. With the help of yoga, severe attacks of asthma are significantly reduced.

8. Prevention of Arthritis

The joints, tendons and ligaments have increased lubrication. This prevents contact between bones that causes arthritis.

9. Weight Reduction

The greatest concern of people today is maintaining a fit body and losing weight. You can find many supplements when online shopping that promise weight loss, but you should also be doing exercise. This fitness practice includes discipline and stimulation of hormone-secreting organisms such as the thyroid gland that increases metabolism.

10. Increasing Knowledge

The increased mental fitness as a result of yoga helps you gain more overall knowledge as you increase your concentration and calm your mind for better learning.

More and more fitness programs like yoga are here for you to learn.